Monday, February 7, 2022

Good Sledding

It's Monday night.  Ariel is getting close to her back handspring.  Getting her back walkover was the hump she needed to get over.  Back to last Sunday.  

It was cold!!!
Hebrew school was virtual because of the leftover snow.  Ariel did it.  The twins did not.  
Ariel then had cheer.  
After cheer, I took her to a birthday party.  I saw some cool icicles on the way.  
We went to Bensalem Gymnastics for Kira's party.  

I left her there and went home to grab the twins and take them sledding.  It was crowded!
The boys had so much fun.  
Up and down so many times.  

They said they got tired of carrying the sled up the hill.  

We found Lanie!
Man it was cold.  
We were out there a while.  
A rare moment of the 3 boys playing nicely.  
I stayed out of that one!


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