Wednesday, February 23, 2022

New Room

Today was 70 degrees!  So nice but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30's.  Oh well.  Last Wednesday, Eli built one of his famous obstacle courses in the basement.  
Homework time.  
Noah worked on a Mario Bros Lego. The Mario makes noises from the games and his eye light up.  It's actually pretty cool.  
Last Thursday, Eleanora the decorator and Amy rearranged the twin's room.  We needed to get their beds further apart so they wouldn't jump back and forth between them at bedtime.  
Ariel posing after school.  
We started using the smoothie machine we have had in the basement for years.  The kids really like them.  
Dani came for cheer.  
They did lots of exercises first.  We need to get Ariel stronger.  
Of course Eli needs to get involved.  

Heather liked the new set up.  Eli showed everyone that came over.  
Aden and I got haircuts.
We had a zoom meeting with Ariel's cheer coach.  The first competition was coming soon!
Another view of the room.  


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