Sunday, February 27, 2022

Snow Squall

It’s Sunday night. When you are reading this on Monday it will be Uncle Mark’s birthday!  Hope he has a great day!  Last Saturday, we got an early start.  They posted the times for the comp on Sunday.  We go at 10:45.
Ariel had her private with Serina at 8:30am!  We had the place to ourselves until 9.  

Look at the girl flipping behind them!
I got to see some really talented girls doing their thing.  
Ariel is still very close to a front walkover and back handspring.  
Good job baby!
Back and we had a little time before tennis.  
The kids are all getting better at tennis!

That afternoon, our phones all went off.  The alarm said watch for a snow squall.  Well, it came and it was crazy!  It snowed for only a few minutes but it was so heavy, everything was white after.  
Dinner that night with Amy's family.  
I looked festive!

Aden is getting big!


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