Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Snowflakes Everywhere

It's a cold Tuesday night but it's going to be way warmer then next few days.  Yay.  I had a guitar lesson for the first time in several weeks.  I had fun.  Back to last Tuesday.  I saw this posted.  Funny.  
Our friends had a baby girl!  So cute!
Eli went through the mail.  
The boys worked on their birthday party favors.  
Eli made Amy shut her eyes and walk to the playroom for a surprise.  
Eli and Noah filled the room with snowflakes!

Ariel organized the markers.  
Then did homework.  I helped her with her fractions.  
Love those stories before bed.  
On Wednesday, I went to the gym.  These are my trainers.  
Weird thing.  My resting heart rate is pretty good, in the 50's, probably because I exercise so much.  Not that day.  At the gym, it wouldn't come down.  Even when I went home and got into bed, it stayed between 80 and 100 for the whole night!  It was freaky but back to normal the next day.  At least my blood oxygen level was good at 99!
They are replacing the new floors in our new bathroom because the tiles had flaws.  It's been a week now without the bathroom, which is really annoying.  
Ariel enjoying her new slime.  


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