Sunday, February 6, 2022

Haunted Basement

It's Sunday night.  We are ready for the kids to back to school tomorrow.  It was a pretty quiet weekend though.  Not as exciting as last Saturday, when we woke up to a good amount of snow.  I think the official total was 9".

Eli was ready to check it out.  

But we waited till the snow stopped to go outside.  
Can we go now?

We actually stayed in most of the day.  
Here's my backyard at the shore.  Margate and the whole shore got slammed with over 2 feet of snow!

We had someone come and plow the driveway.  
I guess he couldn't get up all the ice.  
Eli wanted to sled but it was just so cold.  
I took out the snow blower to try and get some more snow up but I gave up quickly.  
So I mentioned last time that Eli wanted to make a haunted house in the basement.  
He worked really hard.  
He even wrote up tickets!
I slow cooked some beef short ribs.  Yum.  
My mom called to say Hi.  
Then it was time for us to go through the haunted house.  
He did a great job!

There was even candy for everyone that finished.  


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