Monday, February 28, 2022

First Airborne Competition

It’s Monday night. Last Sunday was the Ariel's first Airborne competition.  The Cat.  Penny, our hairstylist came by early to get Ariel's hair in a high pony.  
Talk about great service!
She looks so pretty!
Some posing before we left.  

While Ariel's team was getting their pictures taken, I watched the 3 and 4 year olds perform.  They were very cute.  

Ariel's team waiting.  
They did a quick run through.  
The families waiting.  This comp was virtual.  Everyone competed from their home gyms then sent the judges a video.  
Here they come!  Hard to tell but Ariel and Dori are front and center.  I am not allowed to post the video yet.  Later in the season I can.  
In starting positions.  
That's Ariel up on the right.  
That's Ariel basing on the right holding up Dori!

This was Ariel's favorite part.  The dance at the end.  
Her facial expressions were amazing.  They did great!
Even the boys watched.  
Ariel and Dori are so small compared to Brooklyn and Sophia.  
So proud.  
All the girls posed.  
Coach Serina did a great job!
Dori came to spend the day.  

I smoked a chicken.  
We also had Honey for the afternoon.  

We played around all afternoon.  
I took a nap on Honey.  
The girls had to have their Starbucks.  
It's nice that Eli and Honey are friends now.  
I made my own cherry chipotle barbecue sauce.  Look how pretty that looks!

Now that's a barbecue chicken dinner!  It was just the right amount of sweet and spicy.  

It's great when the play nicely together.  


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