Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Swords

It's catch up Friday!  Here's a mix of my pictures and Amy's.  She gets to do all the fun things with Ariel during the day so I have to count on her for pictures.  

Ariel at gym.

 Lunch with Jaxson.  They shared their food.

 This is kind of cool.  It's a race track stuck the wall.  I need to get more sections.
 Swim!  Aden is swimming by himself!
 Grandpa came to watch.

 Since he's so scared of getting his eyes wet, we tried goggles.  He wasn't thrilled.

 There's our little iPod!
 And so it begins!
 Aden's gym class.

 These are the swords Aden would get to use if we can convince him to try Tae Kwan Do again.
 Our last soccer practice on the Richboro Elementary fields.  It's getting too dark so we are moving to the fields near the Northampton Rec Center.

 Ariel and Sophie.  Cousins.

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