Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where is the Pumpkin Patch?

Sunday was our second failed attempt at going to a pumpkin patch.    We were all set to go to Shady Brook Farms, a very good pumpkin patch, but Adam and Kasia said they had a better place.  We ended up at the Carousel Farm on 413.  There was no pumpkin patch.  There was a store with pumpkins, but no hayride, no mud and no patch.  
 The kids went on the carousel.

 It was old.

 Adam taking it easy.
 Finally, the pumpkins.

 The kids had fun running around.
 Our little pumpkin.

 Time to go!
 We had dinner at Piccolos. 

 Then gummy worms on our ice cream at Sweet Pea!

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