Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rare Burgers

Sunday, the four of us took the train up to New York City for the day!  
It was Aden's first train ride.  I thought he would be so excited.
After a few minutes, his head was buried in my phone.  Ariel on the other hand was banging on the window and laughing the whole time!
I just noticed the his and hers Gucci bags in the background.  
We walked to Chelsea to meet Jason, Lisa, Carter and Sloane for lunch at Rare.
The kids had so much fun together.
I pigged out!  They are known for their burgers.
The waiter played with the kids.  Must have been slow.
On the way to their apartment we could see the Freedom Tower rising in the distance.
Carter's awesome KISS collection.
Ariel made herself right at home.  

Carter set up his drums in his bed.

Showing us his guitar.
Aden's a righty.
Let's go play outside!
We walked over to Madison Square Park.
We were here last year when they had this same food festival.
What to get?
Carter got this off a random girl.
I ended up with a hot waffle with chocolate and ice cream.  They beat Bobby Flay at a waffle challenge!
Aden wanted ice cream from the Shake Shack.
Look at the burger line!


Then we hit the playground.

We made it back to Penn Station on time but missed the train because the elevator took so long to come.  I was happy I didn't have to drive but it was really difficult traveling with the big stroller.  We didn't get home till after 8.  It was a long but fun day.

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