Monday, October 22, 2012

Pump It Up

We had some breakthroughs at swim tonight!  Aden jumped in himself, went under and swam around never losing the smile on his face!  We are so happy.  I'll put up pics later.

Saturday, after soccer, we had Regan and Mollie's birthday parties at Pump It Up. They are first cousins both turning 2 at the same time.
 Aden was a little shy at first.

 With daddy's help he made it to red!
 Daddy and Aden about to go down the big slide.
 Amy and Ariel with Tara and Noah.
 Aden perked up once he realized he could attack people in here.

 Get her Aden.

 Slide time for Ariel.

 Ariel wanted to do everything the big kids were doing.

 Ariel shared pizza with Aden.

 This might have been Ariel's first cupcake!

 Needless to say, she loved it.
 One of the birthday girls in the middle with her twin sisters.

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