Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Marsha!!!

So last night, Aden tossed and turned and screamed most of the night!  We could no wake him up.  He has talked in his sleep a little but nothing like this.  It was awful.  By the morning, he was wide awake and didn't remember anything.  Any thoughts?  I'm thinking it was some kind of night terrors.  Needless to say, Amy and I were a mess today.

Back to Saturday and the festival.  
 It got warmer so Ariel got to dump her jacket.

 This was funny.  I didn't really catch it on tape but we had Ariel standing and holding on the stroller while we were talking.  We looked down and she had a juice box and was drinking from it.  
 Yes, we caught you!
 More wrestling with Josh.

 Now swords!  Ok, time to go, we have a surprise party soon!
 We ran home, changed and got to Melissa's just in time.  Mark's family was in and Mark and Melissa threw Mark's mom a surprise birthday party.

 Pretty in pink!

 The buddies.
 Walking around together.

 Eating some meatballs!
 Aden had fun with Jackson.

 Aunt Melissa showed the kids some of her speech programs.

 There's the birthday girl!
 Aden helped blow out the candles.
 And open the presents!  It was great to see everyone!

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