Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Didn't Do It!

It's Thursday night and we are watching the news.  Is this hurricane really headed this way?  What's up with Halloween all the sudden?  Last year snow, this year hurricane?!?

Time for catch up Friday.  Ariel being a bad girl.  Caught in the act!
 More broccoli!!!
 Swim class. Aden did great!

 He will jump in now.

 Swim on his back.

 She let him go under many times and he never complained!  He can finally go to the next level group classes.  
 Yay for Aden!

 Burghy came for a visit.  It is his first birthday today!

 Gym class.  I'm getting bored of it so Aden must be too.  I think we will try something different next time.  Ariel made some friends.

 All the new classes start next couple of weeks so we have to decide what to do with Aden.

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