Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to the Future

Wednesday morning the kids were cuddling again.  This will be good blackmail material when they are teenagers!
 Aden put on his jacket to leave so Ariel put on her jacket.  Don't ask about the cereal everywhere.
 They started the pool in Longport!
 After work, I met Amy and Ariel at Denny's.  
 Someone was happy to see me.
 She found 2 bags she liked.
 1985 called, it wants it's clothes back!  Are they serious?

Loves shopping.
 She picked out stuff for Aden.
 A quick stop at Purple Pumpkin to get some baby gifts.
 Then Dairy Queen!

 Aden and Jake.
We had dinner at Tony's that night.  Ariel, how old are you?

 We had a fun dinner.

Thursday was Tie Dye Day at school.  They are on the letter T.
 Amy took these at music class.

My girlies.
Picking up Aden from school.  They are outside no matter how cold it is.
 Then we had T-Ball practice.  

They did some throwing and catching.

 Ariel wanted to play.
 Aden's first time batting.
 He got some big hits.
 This is how they go for the balls that were hit.  Pile on!  The first game is Saturday.  That should be interesting.
 A little preview of the uniforms.
So cute!

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