Monday, April 15, 2013

Too Many Parties

So sad what happened today.  When I lived in Boston, I would stand at that exact spot rooting on the runners.  Let's pray for everyone.

After t-ball Saturday, we ran to the NAC for Jack's birthday party.  Our third in the last 2 weekends.  We have 2 next weekend.  Yippee.  We actually have to start planning Aden's.  All I know is it's not going to be at the NAC or BounceU if I have anything to say about it.
The kids do have fun at these bounce parties though.  Just drives me crazy.
Hey Will!
 Aden can finally climb a rope.

 King of the hill.

 This guy was a real trooper.  
 Let all the kids attack him.
 He kept asking for more.
Amy's mom was sitting Ariel during the party.  She sent this picture.

 This is becoming all too common a scene.
It was a nice day.  The kids were out.  I missed that.  It's always a long winter.  This summer won't be the same though.  The boys next door are going to China. 
 But there's lots of fun to be had before then.


 Ariel and Winston playing a little one on one.

 That night Amy and I met Jackie and Greg in the city for dinner.  It was great seeing them but Bronzino was not the best experience. We have heard good things so it must have been a really off night.

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