Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mommy and Me

It's Wednesday night and after 12 days of tech support, Apple Store technicians, Googling and a bit of luck, the new computer is up and running!  Wow that was not supposed to be that tough.  

We have had a busy week so far.  Amy, Ali and Lindsay took the kids to a new mommy and me class.  
Ariel borrowed Sammy's smock.
 Ariel's first offical art project came out great!

 Ariel took turns sitting on Ali and Lindsay's laps.
 No matter the age, the parachute never fails to entertain.
Then she sat on the teacher's lap.  
 Adam and Brianna are back!  They spent the whole day at our house.  This was after Ariel's nap, which I'm shocked she took knowing the kids were playing nearby.
 Brianna carried her around a lot.
Boys and their toys.
 The girls bonded.

 Thanks for cleaning.
 That night we met at Zebra Striped Whale for ice cream.
 Last night, Aden had Kid Fit.
 It's hard to take pictures through the door.
 He ran around the whole time.  He loves it.

Ariel worked on her homework before bed.

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