Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lazy Sunday

It's late Tuesday night.  I should be asleep but I'm still working on the computers.  Also just finished Dancing with the Stars.  We hadn't watched the last few seasons but we are giving it a try again.  It was time for Wynonna to go.  

Sunday was a lazy day.  All our plans got cancelled so we just hung out.

 I love this one.
 We did make it outside a little.
 This was a hand me down and she loves it.
 Back on the bike.
 Crazy car for Ariel!
 This is the path near our house that goes to Aden's elementary school.

 We can't walk by an windows that face the backyard carrying Ariel anymore.  If she sees the swings, it's all she thinks about.

 Love this one too.
 Both need their juice.
 We met my family at Ben and Irv's for dinner.
 Ready for Passover to be over!

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