Monday, April 8, 2013

Play Ball!!!

After the parade it was time for the first game!  
 They looked so cute!
 Everybody bats.  Everybody runs the bases.  3 innings.
 My dad and Clarisse came to watch.  It was cold!
 The kids had no idea what they were doing.  
 Someone wanted to play.
 I love this.  They were assuming the position.
 Here comes the ball.
 Pile on!
 At one point one of the little girls hit the ball then ran after it.  She jumped on it and they all piled on her.  Too funny.
 The proud moms.
 My little t-ball champ!
 I think they need smaller helmets!
 Lilly looked after Ariel.
 Hit the ball Aden!
He still needed a lot of direction about which way to run.

 Made it home again!
 It was so funny watching this game.  
 Yay!  We won!  Let's celebrate!
 Good game!  I will post some videos later.

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