Sunday, April 14, 2013

Muddy Fields Are Fun!

It's Sunday night and we just got back from my grandmother's birthday dinner at the William Penn Inn.  It's late and the kids just fell right asleep.  

Back to Friday.  Amy, Ariel and I took my grandmother out for a birthday lunch at Maggios.  
We stayed in Friday night.  We have been trying to have Shabbat dinners.  We want Aden to have a taste of what's to come at Hebrew School.  Speaking of taste, little one here was gnawing on a bone!
 Saturday morning t-ball was supposed to be at 9 but it got pushed to 10.  9 is way too early anyway.  We need time to wake up.  
 The field was muddy.  It poured last night!  
 I took these with a telephoto lens.  I got may camera back from Florida!

 I love this.  Looks like it could be the 1920's.
 All pile on the ball!  Actually, they are getting better at not doing that.

 That's more like it.  Out of the stroller!
Batting time.
 Big hit Aden!

 Everyone gets a chance to throw to first base.  This is Aden's.
Good throw!
 The game was only 2 innings as most of the kids had a birthday party to get to.
All the parents agreed that 2 innings was more than enough.

Ok buddy, time for Jacks' birthday party!

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