Monday, April 1, 2013


It's Monday night and I am writing this on my new computer, which I got back today, but I'm still not happy.  It ended up that the Apple tech did not transfer everything and the photos, which he did transfer, are giving me trouble.  On the bright side, everyone is feeling better and we got to see Adam and Brianna today!

Back to Saturday.  Monkey see, monkey do.
She mimics Aden and Amy.
 Yes you.
 My cousins Scott and Linda were in from North Carolina.  We met them at the Suburban Diner for lunch.
 It was nice to catch up with them.  
Then we went to Monster Mini Golf.  
 It was quiet there.  
 Kind of hard to see us here.
 Aden is still scared of that monster in the corner.  Every so often, he jumps out.  Whenever Aden heard the sounds, he would get behind something big, peek out and watch.
 He did pretty well.
 Of course it was back to the games.
 The gun was bigger then him.
 Racing boats.

Loves getting those toys.
 That afternoon, we just hung out.  Amy took the kids for a walk and got this great picture.  Priceless.
 My parents went to the Shore to checkout the house.  Getting there.
 Like I said last post, we had plans to go out to dinner with friends. Right after this picture was taken, Ariel got sick again.  We are glad it happened before the sitter came.  So of course we just stayed in and watched Rock of Ages.

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