Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Josh Photobomb

We have no plans this coming weekend so I don't know I'm wasting so many pictures but whatever.  Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane came to visit over the weekend. 
 We haven't seen them since Ina's birthday party in September.
 Of course the boys immediately start wrestling.

 Sloane is Aden's age but she played nicely with Ariel.
 The boys settled into video games and the girls were just everywhere.

 Some yummy snacks.
 Thanks for coming Uncle Alan!
 She loves drying her hair now.

 Swim time.  The heater was broken but it wasn't too bad.  Ariel swam off to greet Ms. Tracey.
 Then she found Nicky.

 Pick your duck.
 Cute kids.

 On the boat.

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