Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm back!  Sorry about that.  I usually do a few posts ahead when I go away but I forgot this time.  I was in Atlantic City for a few days but I'm back.  I will do a few posts today and tomorrow to catch up.

These were taken with two different cameras so they are out of order but I don't care.  Let's go sledding!  Or is Aden too cool for sledding.

 We met Todd and Sammy at Richboro Elementary.

 The little kids had fun.
 So did the big kid.
 Poor Todd.  Ariel kept wanting him to carry her up the hill.

 Can't wait to bring the twins one day!

 We built a snowman.
 Then knocked it down!

 Attack Todd!
 Some action shots.

 A few times the kids flew off the sled.
 They didn't seem to mind,

 Aden was tough with the snowballs.

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