Monday, January 12, 2015

Non Stop Sports

Well we had a bit of a scare today.  Amy started bi-weekly stress tests to check on the babies movements.  They detected more contractions than expected so they sent her to 4th floor Toll at Abington Hospital, gulp, the delivery area.  Haven't been there since Eva was born a year ago.  Brought back a flood of emotions. All was good though.

This post will be sports oriented.  Aden is going crazy these days. Basketball and soccer.  This was basketball last week.  The intense basketball that I'm surprised that Aden will continue to go voluntarily.  The guy is like a drill sergeant.  I guess it could be good for the kids but they need to have a little fun.  He even yells at the parents if they start chatting!

 Getting much better at dribbling.

 He's got some buddies there.
 Ariel kept herself busy till Sophie was done her homework.
 There's Sophie!

Now we are switching to soccer.  Ariel found Aden's friend Finn's brother to hang with.
 She got bored with him and found more kids to play with.  She told them the rules of the game.  I figured she was fine and went to watch Aden.
 Let's play!
 He actually came close to scoring a few times.

 I'm glad he has so much energy these days.
 She wore out her new friends.
 Ok, enough sports for today.

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