Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It's Sunday night after a really long break for Amy and the kids.  I have no idea how we are all getting up at 6:30 tomorrow morning. It's actually going to be Amy's last day of work for the time being so maybe the morning rituals will get easier with her able to help.  

Aden had many playdates over the break.  He spent a fund day with Jake.
He saw Benjamin a bunch.  They were playing Halo here.  Also that night a bird somehow got in their house.  I helped Benjy's mom chase it out.

Andy and Alicia graciously invited us to their New Years Eve party.  It was a big crowd of their neighbors but they were all nice and we fit right in.  We got there early, for once, so our kids got some quality time with Brendan and Devin.
 The older girls spent the night dressing up Ariel.
 Everyone brought homemade chicken wings then we voted on a winner.
 Let's see what we can do with her.
 They did fingers and toes.
 The boys were going nuts in the basement.

 From this angle she doesn't look pregnant at all!

 Then they started Wii.
 The adults drank a little then started playing Heads Up!
 The kids did fine staying up late.
We Facetimed with Bev during the Newtown fireworks show that we had wanted to go to.  We watched it over the phone through her window.  

 More dress up.
 All the kids.
 A little more Wii before we left at 11:30.
 We got home at 11:50.  
 The kids woke up for a few minutes and we all watched the ball drop together.

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