Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sous Vide, Maybe

It's Tuesday night.  Aden had his big presentation this morning and thankfully, he did a great job!  I will post the video of that soon. Believe it or not, he has another one next week!  We need to get working on that.  Amy is doing well.  She will be 34 weeks on Friday.  We have the next ultrasound next week.  We can't wait to see how big they are.  Her belly is big but she's all belly and feels pretty good.  We might be getting crib #2 tomorrow!

Saturday morning, we had soccer.
 Aden made a new friend right away.

 Aden likes to get involved in the action.
 What are they up to?
Aden's first time playing goalie!
 He actually did a good job.
 He always liked defense.


 Saturday afternoon, we went to visit Becky and Larry in Cherry Hill.  

 Larry and Ariel doing some intense puzzles.
 On the way home we stopped to buy Ariel her first soccer ball.  Her soccer starts Thursday.  Which pink ball do you think we got?
My collection is growing.  I got a cask strength bourbon, which means it's not watered down as most are and an 18 year old scotch which is supposed to be one of the best.
 Saturday night we had a teenage sitter.  Our days of that are numbered I guess.  We went to the Hattery in Doylestown.  It was yummy.  The best treat was not having to put the kids to bed for once!
Amy thinks I'm crazy but I finally started my grand cooking experiment.  I got a sous vide machine and have been wanting to try it for a while.  Sous vide cooking involves vacuum sealing food in a bag then letting it sit in a very warm bath for days.  The slow cooking keeps in all the moisture and flavor.  Or so they say.  We will find out Wednesday night.
 Does anyone want to join us for beef short ribs?  I made about 25!

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