Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Baby and the Bell

It's Thursday night and I'm freezing.  The heat is set to 70 and it's warm elsewhere but not right here.  My computer is right next to the freezing cold fireplace.  The flue is closed but cold air is just streaming in. Any ideas?  I usually pile up blankets to close it off and that helps a little but it looks kind of dumb.  We are free this weekend if anyone wants to hang?!?!

We had dinner at Amy's parent's house.  Belly meet baby.
Someone said that Ariel looks mischievous here.  When doesn't she?


 Eva practiced her walking.
 These back scratchers belonged to Amy's grandmom.  
 I love this pic.
 Is it my turn yet?
 The kids had fun running around.
 There's Cooper!
 Walk to grandma!

 Mark and Eva had some educational time in the City.
 Can I ring the Liberty Bell daddy?
 We went to my parent's house to work on Aden's school project.  Ariel watched Frozen.
 How many people does it take to do a first grade presentation?  Aden had to read a book to the class and have props to go along with it.
 If Aden's doing arts and crafts, so does Ariel.
 Aden has to decorate a bag to hold his props.
 Back to Frozen.

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