Monday, January 26, 2015

They Are Coming!

Well it's Monday night and we are waiting for this snowstorm to finally arrive.  It is super windy and there are some flurries but no blizzard yet.  They are saying we should get about 10 inches in my area overnight.  Glad I got the driveway plower lined up!  

Well, we had some big news today on the babies front.  Let's start with the fact Amy is 34 weeks and looks amazing!  All belly.  At today's ultrasound, which turns out is our last, we found out Baby A is about 5 lbs and Baby B is 4 1/2 lbs.  Both babies are out of position so that means we are probably having a c-section on February 23rd.  We had two regular deliveries so are a bit nervous plus it seems a little strange to us to know when they are coming.  I kind of like the surprise.  
There are two heartbeats!
I  haven't shown these because it's been really hard to see anything. We got some decent profile pics.  The bright white is the forehead and nose and below that the lips.

Another pic.
Back to Aden's basketball last week.
 Ariel and her doll watched.

 Getting a little better at dribbling.

 Get the rebound Aden!

 This was the little snow we had last week.  Notice the tracks up the walkway.  During the night, I was walking by the front door and saw movement.  I turned on the light and two deer were on our porch!
 This is in Ariel's room at school.

 You saw Aden's letter to the tooth fairy.  This was her response.

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