Monday, January 5, 2015

Crusin' In Her Pink Car

For those of you unaware, my sister Bev has been in the hospital since Friday.  Her appendix burst and there is infection everywhere. She will be in the hospital for a while so please send her your well wishes!

Here are just a few pics from hanging out at Melissa's house.  Eva loves her new car.  The kids pushed her around and around.
 Loving it!

 My turn!
 Practicing our walking.

 Who is calling?
 Watching Aden.

 Boys and their toys.

 Let's read!

 Ok, this is kind of weird.  So, you may have noticed when you take pictures on the iPhone it adds the location to the top of the picture.  When we ate dinner in the City last week before Mary Poppins, I took this picture.  The restaurant was at 13th and Pine which is an area of the City where many gay people live.  The phone added "Gayborhood" which I have heard the area referred to before but it's clearly not official.

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