Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Evening With Great Friends

It's Sunday night and we are about to watch American Idol.  The twins are asleep but the older ones insist on watching some tv with us.  Ariel and the twins do not have school tomorrow.  For some insane reason, we are expecting snow tomorrow so Aden might have a delay.  They better not cancel school again.  As it is, school is ending the Wednesday before camp starts.  It was a nice weekend.  We had a big Passover dinner at our house Saturday night.  I have totally overdosed on matzo ball soup and chocolate and caramel covered matzo and it's only been 2 days.  I'm only one in the house that keeps Passover os this should be an interesting week.  I should have a better idea about the future of my car this week so wish me luck!

Last Saturday we stood and ate our cereal.  
We went to Ohev Shalom for an early morning kid's service.  Gotta love any place that has animal crackers and juice boxes out front.  Sammy had to hold Nate back!
 It was an intimate crowd.  

 Eli had a hard time settling down.  He wanted to explore everything.

 The kids went crazy running around the synagogue.  
Speaking of crazy running around.  It continued at our house.  Go Eli and Nate!

 I made roasted peppers and chocolate lava cake during the day but we brought in the rest of the food from La Stalla.  
 The kids were nuts all night.  All over the place!
 I think it's fun.
 Uncle Todd jumped in on the action.  
 What's so funny?
 Ariel's front teeth are almost back!

 What are you doing outside Ariel?  You live here!

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