Thursday, April 12, 2018

Snow in April

It's Thursday night.  Ariel had her school play tonight.  It was absolutely hysterical.  I think Southampton Summer Day Camp could learn a thing or two.  You may remember how painful Ariel's camp play was.  Mrs. Maria is just amazing.  First show took the twins to Paris today (more on that later), then she put on the show.  It's supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow.  I will believe it when I see it.  Here are some random pictures to finish off last week.

I thought this was funny.
My girl showing off her new unicorn pants.
Our cuddly boys.  

 Who is a better screamer?
 Breakfast is fun.
 Eli serenades us.

 Does this look like April?
 Eli and Donny.

 Homework time!
 Heather is great at keeping the kids busy so we can eat!

 This was last Friday morning.  Are you serious?
 Still rocking the minivan!  Ariel loves it!
 Ariel's class did a little play.  This was the only picture we got.
 A last minute cheerleading practice.  Only 4 girls showed up.

 Bingo at Aden's school.

 We weren't winners.  Oh well.  Have a great weekend!

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