Sunday, April 15, 2018

Congrats Alex and Andrew

It's a windy, cold and rainy Sunday night and I am the only one up, for now.  We had a very busy weekend, lots of sports.  Aden started baseball and football.  You know, it's really late and I want to go to bed, so I'm going to cut the commentary short.  I'm going to have to have some big posts this week because I am way behind in pictures.  Last Saturday, we took the boys to the Langhorne Library for an event.
 They love the little village there.

 There were some crafts.

 Aden had Jack's birthday party at Sports Zone.  I just dropped him off and ran home because we had to get into the City.

 Amy's cousin Alex got engaged that day.  Aden loves her fiance and knew the proposal was coming so he sent Andrew some texta telling him he could do it!  It was very cute.  Everyone met in the City to celebrate.  We don't get into the City much these days and I'm not sure why.  It really wasn't that hard and we had fun!

 We also had a new babysitter that worked out well so that alway helps.

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