Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Snow at Baseball

It's Tuesday night and we are watching the Sixers.  They can wrap up the first round against Miami tonight.  I should really try and go to a game during the playoffs.  It's fun.  I can't believe we are at the end of April.  We have to prepare to go to the shore!  We started making a pile of things to bring down already.  It's going to be hard to adjust to the new beaches but it will be good to be back.  It was a long winter.  The NAC pool was briefly open.  Then it got cold again.
 Eli is mine.  Noah is Amy's.  Not sure why.  
 We watched Grease!  Amy really likes Grease 2, which totally sucks.  She made Aden watch that recently so I taped Grease.  
 Making pancakes.
 Let's get to school!
It's amazing how well the kids listen to the teachers compared to how they are with the parents.  
 Ariel saw Eva!
 Game time!
 The hardest working coach.  He has 2 teams and no help.  

 Again, not quite mid April baseball weather.  
 The boys don't care.
 I caught a good at bat on tape.  
 Go Aden!

 It's hard to tell in this picture, but it actually started snowing for a bit!  So not cool.  
 Ariel's final cheerleading practice of the season!  
 They were jumping around in the back.

 Then it was party time!

 This blond mom is amazing.  Makes all the parties.  
 Ariel and Ashley being silly.

 This is nightly.  

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