Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Watch Out for the Giant Bunny!

It's April!  I just noticed that.  We have lots of birthdays coming up.  My grandmother turns 98 next week!  My cousin, Bev and I among many others have birthdays.  We all stayed up way too late watching Villanova win the NCAA Championship last night.  Aden had a hard time waking up but it was exciting.  I love how they are combining this with the Eagles and saying SuperNova!

Ariel getting a haircut from Amy's girl.
 So pretty!
 Uh oh boys, there is a giant bunny following you!  Eli was very unhappy about that! (the bunny is the owner of Breezy Point)
 Ariel was ready for Easter festivities.  
 Cute pic with her friends.
I saw this and got very sad.  
 Let's check out Ariel's Easter goodies!
 Don't tell mommy we are eating snacks on the sofa.

 Plastic bins are too much fun.

 Heather read to them a giant book.
 What's in the box Eli?
A bear!
 Now mommy is reading a giant book too!
 I saw this and found it amusing.  I hope that Michael Bennett really didn't hurt anyone but anything that makes fun of Tom Brady...

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