Monday, April 16, 2018

Second Cheerleading Competition

It's Monday night.  For some reason Grease is on tv and all 6 of us are watching it.  Amy is really belting out those songs.  Please help me!  She said she was Sandy and Melissa was Danny when they little.  We need some video of that.  Amy just fast forwarded through the part with Kenickie and Rizzo in the car.  She thought a bit too much for Aden.  Ok, time to get these kids to bed.  

Last Sunday Ariel was busy with her dolls.  
 I dropped Aden off at Altitude for Jack's birthday party.
 It was crazy crowded!
 I had a few moments to watch Aden and his friends.

 Then I had to run home.  Lori and Ashley came over.
 We all drove to Temple University for Ariel and Ashley's second cheerleading competition.  We asked the girls what they thought about college but they had no idea what we meant.
 Our pretty girls ready to go.
 I love this shot of the moms working on the makeup.  
 It's really hard!
 Lots of cheerleaders everywhere.

 We finally went in to sit.  The Liacouras Center where Temple basketball plays.  Love the owl eyes.
The kids performed in the front.
 And practiced in the back.  

 The girls were running around out back.  

That's Ariel on the long trampoline.  

It's time!
 They did a good job but I think they were a little better last time.  

They got an award.  Ariel will tell you it was first place!
 Our little champion!
 Being silly around the stadium.

 Some ice cream for the ride home.

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