Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

It's Sunday night.  Ariel had her second cheer competition today.  We had to travel down to Temple University but it wasn't hard.  The girls had fun.  Our cousin Alex got engaged yesterday so we went into the City to celebrate.  Andrew is great and we are happy he's part of the family.  Aden adores him and even sent Andrew texts of encouragement before he proposed!  I'm a little behind in pictures.  These are from last Saturday.  Eli had found the pound cake and ate off all the chocolate icing while we were still waking up!
 We were having Passover dinner at our house that night and Amy had a lot to do to get ready so I had to keep the kids busy.  So what better than an Easter egg hunt?  We went to Shady Brook Farm to meet the twin's teacher and a bunch of their friends.  
 What's that Eli?
 We played on the playground.  
 Then we found Mrs. Maria.
 We tried for a bunny shot.  Eli just screamed.  

 This came out cute!  I should Photoshop Amy in.
 We took a hayride to the egg hunt.

Do you see all the eggs Eli?
 The kids ran around a grabbed a bunch but we were supposed to keep it to 6 each.  There was candy inside of them!

 All the friends inspected each other's eggs.
 Back to the tractor!
 Having fun Noah?
 They even got prizes.

 Bye Mrs. Maria!
It was a nice day to be outside.  

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