Monday, April 9, 2018

Passover Seder

It's Monday night.  All the kids are giving us trouble about going to bed and it's 9:30.  We are just exhausted by them.  I found out today that they won't be able to fix my car.  I'm sad.  Let's go back to last Saturday night.  A giant Passover dinner at our house.  It was great to get everyone together.  
 Eli was the entertainment.  
 Katie was still here.
 It was chilly but we went outside to play a little.  Aden loves to play any sport with Mark and Andrew.  
 The babies were on the swings.
 The big kids had their own fun.
 Since when are the twins the big kids?!?!
 Dinner is served!  Thanks moms!

 The birthday boys.

 It was a gluten free cake.  Close enough.

 Lots of talking and playing.
 Eli enjoyed the cake.
 Of course my grandmother had a great time with the kids.

 Great times!

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