Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Birthday Bubbie

It's Wednesday night and we are hoping to get at least a little sleep tonight!  Those boys are impossible!  Tomorrow is my grandmother's 98th birthday!  She is truly and amazing person.  
This was one day last week week, we woke up to more snow!

 The never ending Winter.
 Eli wanted to get a closer look.  
 Where are your pants?
 Music class!

 Ariel came with us.  You are never too old for music class!
Run Eli!

 Having fun Ariel?

 They are very good listeners when it's not mommy or daddy.

 Noah has been taking pictures with my phone.  He did pretty good with these two.

Ariel took these.

 We had a little concert going on.
 Noah likes to help with the laundry.
 So who else watched the big Villanova win?

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