Thursday, February 7, 2019

Back to the Theater

It's Thursday night.  Another school week is quickly passing by.  I think we are around 100 days.  I will be sad when Ariel doesn't have Mrs. Gainsley anymore.  She wants to have both the twins in a few years.  We shall see.  We started making progress on Aden's Bar Mitzvah.  We hired the entertainment!  Now we need to get the place set up then we can rest for a couple of years.  Any ideas?

Last Friday, Eli got himself some yogurt.  
 Hard to tell but there are flurries there!
 Cute pic of the twin's class.
 Our Friday night was watching The Wedding Singer.

 For the last few decades, I've only seen The Wedding Singer on regular tv.  We watched a Blu ray copy and even though we still love it, we had forgotten about the language and sexual innuendo.  We had Aden and Ariel giving us questionable looks.  
 Saturday morning, I took the twins to Mile's birthday party at the Newtown Theater.  It's the oldest movie theater in the country! (that's what I was told)
 This was ambitious.  30 kids having to sit still for a movie.
These guys are pros now after seeing Finding Dory a couple of weeks ago.  
 It was a Paw Patrol movie!  The kids stayed still for that!
 Pizza and cake time.

 Fun times!

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