Monday, February 11, 2019

Boring Super Bowl

It's Monday night and we are waiting for some sort of storm tonight.  The kids already have a 2 hour delay.  This is sounding like that horrible storm back in November.  It's supposed to snow for a bit then change to rain.  In November, it never changed to rain and it took everyone hours to get home.  This time, I am not leaving home until I see rain.  Last Sunday, we hit the market ot get ready for the Super Bowl.  There was a robot named Marty walking around.
 The boys were blown away.

 Everyone had their own carts.

 Eva and Gwen came over.

 The kids went crazy while we watched what had to be the worst Super Bowl ever.  It was so boring.  The Patriots barely beat the Rams but it looked like neither team really wanted to win.

 Ariel showed everyone her dress.

 There's Adam and Maroon 5.

 Almost got a cute shot of all the kids.
 Girl cousins are the best!
 I thought this was amusing the next day.  This was the real paper in New Orleans.  They are convinced that they should have been in the Super Bowl instead of the Rams because of a blown call.
Last Monday, the twins had a playdate at Kennedy's house.
 They played until they couldn't play anymore!

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