Tuesday, February 12, 2019

First Piano Lesson

It's Tuesday and it's the twin's 4th birthday!  It was kind of a bummer of a birthday.  We had a snowstorm so they didn't get to celebrate at school and we didn't celebrate really at home.  Their party is this weekend so that will make them happy.  In case you aren't on Facebook, this is what I wrote today along with this picture:

Happy fourth birthday Noah and Eli! We somehow have made it four years with four kids. Through the "terrible twos" and the "why do they call them terrible twos when the threes are so much worse threes". All I can remember about that crazy day four years ago was the all the screaming and crying and that was just me! Well we have optimistically turned the corner. Eli and Noah are potty trained, mostly sleep through the night, can hold pretty deep conversations and can spell their names! (although Eli has been known to say EL something). Not that we are in a rush for them to grow up, as they are a ton of fun, but if they want to get easier it's good with us!

Back to last Monday.  

 Ariel practiced her spins.
 My friend Adam the wedding singer came over to get Aden's Bar Mitzvah planning started.  We only have 2 1/2 years to go!
 I just see the crack.
 At home in school on Tuesday.
 A quick break to show you Beiler's doughnuts.  
 Ariel had her first piano lesson!
 She did really well but she lost concentration after about 15 minutes.  
 We got to peak in on Ariel's dance class.

A sneak preview of the recital dance.

Ariel does homework on the computer and the boys like to watch.

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