Sunday, February 3, 2019

Scared of Yo Yo

It's Super Bowl Sunday.  We have about 10 minutes left of the most boring game ever.  Both the Patriots and the Rams suck.  The sad part is the Eagles are no longer the defending Super Bowl champs.  I'm not sure what I am going to do about pictures this week.  I didn't take almost any.  I did last Sunday though.

I dropped the older two and Hebrew school and took Eli to a little kids event.  Noah had a cold and stayed home with Amy.  
The rabbi and cantor welcomed.
 Then Yo Yo, the performer, took over.
 She brought out the parachute.
 Eli was not thrilled.
 He helped hold it but would not go on top or under it like the other kids.

 He did help clean up but didn't really get involved.

 He woke up a bit with the bubbles.

 Once it was over, that's when he ran around with the kids.
 After we went to pick up the kids.  That's Aden's girl in the light blue.  The other kids are calling then Saden for Sydney and Aden, like Bennifer and Brangelina.  
 We just hung at home the rest of the day.

 I have no words.
 The Patriots just won.  Yuck.  Time for bed.

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