Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Daddy Daughter Preview

It's Tuesday night.  How ridiculously nice was it today?  Almost 70 degrees!  And to think how cold it was just a few days ago.  The State of the Union is on behind me.  So far, it's actually not half bad.  I can only listen to so much though.  

Dropping off the boys.

I drove to Atlantic City for work.
 While I was there, Amy took Ariel shopping for a dress for our first father daughter dance!
 This was the winner!  She has been wearing the heels every day since.
 Heading out to dinner.
 Doc's Oyster House.  Always yummy.
 Our friends from Chicago were there.  They luckily escaped the tundra.
 It wasn't that much better at home but it was better.
 Still wearing those heels.
 I stopped by our favorite candy place in Margate to get turtles, which we are still eating.
 Chinese New Year at the Borgata.

 It was a quick trip.  Can't stay away too long!

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