Monday, February 25, 2019

Eli and Noah's 4th Birthday Party

It's Monday night and Aden and I just got back from quite an adventure. I will tell you about that next week.  You can get a preview on Facebook.  Here's a big post to compensate for tomorrow's short one.  Last weekend, we had Eli and Noah's 4th birthday party at Altitude.  Ready to go Noah?
 We had the party early to beat the crowds.
 Had to the place to ourselves for a while.  Most of their class came.

 Aden likes dodgeball the best.

 Eva and Gwen joined the fun.

 Time for pizza and cake.

 The boys put in every candle they could find.

 That's a lot of candles!
 Almost got it!
 Pinata time!
 These are the new ones that you pull the strings rather than hit.

 Eli's favorite part of any party.
 Hey Eva.
 A little more jumping before we left.
 They loved their new toys!

 They are ready for their next birthday!

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