Friday, February 15, 2019

The Hat

It's late Thursday night.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Amy and I had a nice dinner tonight at Uva and not with any kids!  Back to last Friday.

We went to Ariel's school for her play.  This was outside the classroom.
Reader's Theater.
 Aden came to watch.
 There she is.
 She really wanted a lead and was unhappy being a narrator.  
 She did great though!
 I will save you from the 5 times she was up there.  Here's the first.

After the play was done, the kids did their poems.  Again I will spare you the 5 poems they recited.  

Aden wouldn't give her a hug.
 But back with her friends she's happy again.

She could have gone home with us but wanted to stay so she could have more attention from the teacher.
 This was her daily writing.
 Did you ever think you would see this?  Ariel trying to solve a Rubik's cube.
 Stella came to stay with us.  Eli got as far away as he could.  
 Aden and Ariel took her for walks.  
 Get me out of here!
 Now Noah is hiding!
They got used to her fast!  Have a great weekend!

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