Sunday, July 7, 2019

Alligator Float

It's way too late Sunday night and we are going to talk about last Saturday.  I took Eli with my early to go pick up some doughnuts from Juniors.  He was so proud.
 Oh that hits the spot.  
 Over to my parents to play a little cornhole.  It was crazy hot so we didn't want to attempt the beach.  
 The neighbor Goldens.  
 Eli posing for me.  

 The crowds are gathering.  
 Time to hit the pool . 
 Look how hot and skinny my wife looks!

 Eli is really bad with the gun.  He shoots everyone in the face and laughs!
 Aden and Eva bonding.  

 Remy and Maren came to swim.  

 I made it into a shot!
 Jason and Rachel came over with Eden and Aaron.  
 Eden is only 3 but she's an amazing swimmer.  
 The new alligator float was a big hit.  

 Watch out Aaron!
 Awww.  Sweet cuddles.  
 The storms were coming so we headed home.  
 We actually did not get a whole lot but the streets did flood.  
 Waiting for the food to be delivered.  
 Uncle Mark and Noah time.

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