Monday, July 8, 2019

Happy Birthday Melissa

It's Monday night.  Let's go back to last Sunday.  I went early in the morning to workout with our friend Remy.  She is a trainer and has a gym in her house right behind us!  I did all arms for 45 minutes and man were they burning.  Then we got an early start to the beach.  I don't know how I pulled the cart with my rubbery arms.  It was a beautiful day though.  Much less hot than it was the day before.  
 The twins were getting closer to the water.

 Jordyn did this all day.  Just stand with them.  They jumped a little but seemed to be ok in the water.
 Eli has some funny poses.  These next few pics were with 3 different cameras.  

 Ice cream time.

 We took a quick dip in the pool.  Eli likes to spray people in their faces.  
 Then laughs!
 Snack time.  
 Big race through the kitchen between Gwen and Eli.  

 Ariel got to play with Sydney across the street a little.  
 Tons of water balloons.  

 They threw them at a sign.
 Noah wanted to try.
 That night, we went to Tomatoes for dinner for Melissa's birthday.  
 We had a great night.  
 We even got to see baby Evvie.  & weeks old.  
 Lauren was so happy to pass her off.
 I don't know if I like Amy's smile here!
 Cutie pie.  

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