Monday, July 1, 2019

Mini Golf!

These are from last Saturday.  We took the boys for a walk.  They have a one track mind though.
Mini golf!

Ariel still has dolls around all the time.  
 We headed to the beach.  
 Jordyn had the little ones covered.  
 We relaxed.  

 Nice pic if I do say so myself.  

 Pure joy!

 The twins were getting closer to the water.  

 Cartwheel time!

 The most popular guy on the beach!
 Double fisting it Aden?

 Jumping at the edge of the water.  
 Throw the ball!
 A quick dip in the pool.

 Allison took the boys to the playground.  Amy and I went to Catch for dinner.  

 Ariel went to Ocean City with Melissa.  

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