Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Let Us In!

Last Monday, this is how I woke up at 6am.  I have no idea when the twins came in during the night.  
 I took Aden and Ariel home to go to camp.  We left at 6:30!  I'm amazed I got them going that early.  Amy was going to be on her own with the twins for the next 3 days!
 While the older kids were at camp and I was at work, Amy took the twins to Storybook Land with her mom and Melissa.  
 They got there early.  Let us in!
 These are pics from the girls.  Looks like all the kids had fun.  

 Look at Eli's face.  Who is this kid?

 After work, I went to the gym.  This horrible sign was outside.  I guess it was going to be crowded on the 4th but you can't bring spouses or kids?  
 Ariel came home from camp with a new accessory.  She passed the deep water test!  First time ever.  Now she can swim in the deep end of the pool at camp.  
 That night she had a playdate with Allie.  Her parents took the girls to dinner.  
 I took Aden to the NAC pool to hang out.  
 Cool dudes.  
 The girls had fun.  
 At the same time, the people at the shore went out to dinner for Melissa's birthday.  
 Eli was double fisting the birthday cake.  
 Oh yeah, that's it.  

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