Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Killer Brownies

It's Wednesday night.  The boys had a semi-successful night at basketball.  Nothing else too exciting going on.  Just the summer is getting faster as always happens after July 4th.  

Last Tuesday, while I was at work and the older kids were at camp, Eli and Noah got ot play mini-golf.  
 They absolutely love it.  

 Amy had sitters to help out for part of the day.  
 That night it was all beautiful music in our house.

 Back at the shore, the little ones were all bonding!

 Ariel wanted to bake, so we hit the market for supplies.  
 We made brownies.

 With lots of candy on top!

 I thought this was funny.  We have the shore!
 On Wednesday, the twins went to their first movie.  They saw Toy Story 4.  The sat pretty well and loved the movie!  Amy said it was cute too.  

 I took the older two out of camp a bit early and we headed to the shore.  We got down just in time for a pretty big thunderstorm!  That's the view out the front of our house.  
 Of course, I had to go out and get dinner.  The roads were flooded!

 But we did get a pretty rainbow.  
Ariel got to hang with Sydney.
 They found a baby bunny.  
 My car has a new racing game that's like Mario Kart.  
 All the kids piled in to play!

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