Friday, July 5, 2019

Date Night

Just a short post for Friday.  I'm sure no one is reading it anyway.  This will bring us to last Friday.  Still back a week!

Wednesday night, we went out with Ali and Todd to try a new restaurant in New Hope.  Look how gorgeous these girls are!
 Stella had great food and it was so pretty eating outside by the Delaware River.  
 The sitter sent us this while we were eating.  If they are happy, we are happy!
 Back to the courts for Aden on Thursday.  
 Thursday night Amy took Ariel to her book club.  I entertained the boys.  

 Friday morning headed to camp.  

 This was on the camp's Facebook page.  
 We left around 6:30 and had almost no traffic headed to the shore.  We got down early enough to head to the Dairy Bar.  
 So many choices.  
 We always end up eating Eli and Noah's ice creams.  Have a great weekend!

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