Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Register Now For The Fall!!!

Here's a quick post for your Wednesday night.  It's thunderstorming outside and I want to get this done before we lose power.  These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  

Early morning craziness.

 There new thing is putting Mama Mia on the Echo and signing songs to us.  Specifically Super Trooper and Dancing Queen.  
 Then we put it on the tv so they can sing again.  
 Ariel's dance school used her in an advertisement!
 They love those tracks.  
 Back to basketball.  Again Noah was much better at participating.  

 Eli eventually got into it.  

 He sat down and started singing.  Not sure if that was the drill they were doing.  
 Go team!
 A sneak preview of the dress Ariel may wear to Alex's wedding.  

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